Simulated Hospital Unplanned Readmissions

This FlexSim simulation shows the effect that different levels of unplanned readmissions have on the elective patients and any subsequent queues.

It also highlights how simulation modelling can model and understand the implications of an activity or intervention without having to model the actual activity.

Design of Breast Screen Clinic

The David Jones Breast Screening facility is a collaboration between David Jones (Melbourne), The Rose Clinic, and St Vincent’s Hospital. Simulation modelling was used to look at how the facility might cope with demand, and how best to set out the layout of the facility.

Royal Children’s Hospital Migration

Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) is building a new hospital, and needs to migrate between 150 to 200 young patients from the old 8-floor building to the new one, with wards on 6 floors.

The complex simulation model had over 400 bed positions, 6 CAD drawings, over 1000 network points, and 21 elevators. Data tables controlled staff and patient numbers, and the migration routing and schedule.

Experimentation and analysis was carried out in-house.