Cloud-based simulation management for teams

If you’re not already sold on the idea of why Simulation Modelling & Analysis is so powerful, check out the FlexSim page first.

A typical simulation project is run by specialists on their computers, with two ways to see the results:

  • They send you an export to Excel or a report.
  • You install the software and run the models to get to the results.

Neither is ideal: the first is woefully inadequate and slow to get new results; and the second requires you to install software and build some specialist knowledge.

Business Intelligence and web technology has changed that. You can now build and run scenarios in PADS, and instantly see the results in dynamic, online, dashboards.

It’s more than a way for you to access your simulation results. As it’s cloud-based, you or any of your colleagues or stakeholders can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

PADS -  Predict & Analyse Different Scenarios

PADS – Predict & Analyse Different Scenarios

Don’t just predict the future, shape it.

Build and run simulated scenarios

Model all feasible future scenarios and see how they might behave before physical implementation.

Manage all projects in the same system

PADS manages all analytics projects in the same place. So it’s easy to keep control of

Compatible with existing BI Analytics

It is possible to connect PADS through your existing BI system. This means that you dont need to learn or install new BI tools to view simulation results.

Direct team access & control of your analytics

No need to wait for analysts to write reports for you. Multiple users can just log in, run some experiments and view the results in the online dashboard.

Strong version control of models and analytics

Keep just one version of the model and deply on multiple servers for multiple experiments. And store and rerun any previously run scenarios.

Visualise and shape the Future

Predict and Analyse Different Scenarios, then pursue the one that works best.

By merging PADS with traditional Business Intelligence systems,
you get sight of your entire timeline – Past, Present & possible Futures.