Student Page

FlexSim is 3D simulation modeling and analysis software. It’s used by companies around the world to solve problems and better understand processes in manufacturing, material handling, healthcare, logistics, supply chain, and more.

Interested? Student licenses are available, so you can become more familiar with FlexSim—whether it’s for a class project, a capstone/thesis, or just for personal study.

FlexSim Student Licences are designed for students to learn FlexSim and carry out academic (non-commercial) projects.


Student Licence - $150

The price for a student licence is $150 (including GST) - please let us know if you require a GST invoice. - it lasts for 6-months but can be extended. We will send you the activation key, generally within 24 hours.

However, check if your university already has an agreement, because there may be a discount or the fee is already covered.

Please email with details of University, course and lecturer prior to buying the licence.

The limitations to this version are 100 items, which is sufficient to do most basic projects; if you find there is a need to extend this, speak with Kenny Macleod on

If you haven't already done so, you can download the software from here - this link will be provided later as well.

SHS/FlexSim Student Simulation Competition

Each year, FlexSim sponsors the Society for Health Systems (SHS) Student Simulation Competition. Teams of ISE students from around the world solve a real-world healthcare situational case study using FlexSim Healthcare, 3D simulation software specifically designed for health systems modeling. Team up with a few classmates and take part in this unique and valuable experience!